Reaching for Educational Equity: An Evaluation of Utah’s Rural Schools

The vast majority of Utah is rural, though only a small portion of Utahns live and work in rural parts of the state. Rural schools educate about 15% of Utah’s students, spread over a wide and varied geography. Utah’s rural educators - concerned about the challenges facing their schools - requested that Utah Foundation analyze educational inputs and outputs to determine whether students in these areas are receiving opportunities for success comparable to non-rural students.


The Southeast Educational Service Center (SESC) is one of Utah’s four Regional Service Centers (SEDC, CUES and NUES) established to assist school districts in providing equitable and cost effective services and programs for students in rural Utah. SESC is a not-for-profit service center that supports the four public education school districts in Southeast Utah and exists to provide services needed and requested by the schools/districts served.

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