Hosted Services

We provide 100% of the hosted server support (not necessarily all end-user support/training).  This server support includes server security, software updates, system updates, power backup, data backup and restore and at least 99% uptime.  One FTE technology specialist is assigned to hosted services.
We maintain a hardened data center that is environmentally controlled with a backup generator to also ensure power control.  The following services reside within the data center:
  • Aspire - Student Information System (Three Servers)

  • Koha - Library Circulation System (One server)

  • Log Server - Greylogs (One Server)

  • Network Monitoring Server - Using LibreNMS to track utilization of bandwidth (One Server)

  • Office Domain - Used to run directory and authentication services (Two Servers)

  • QuickTicket - Support Tracking System (One Server)

  • Surveillance - Security Cameras (One Server)

  • VMWare Servers - Used for virtualization of servers and backup/restore, disaster recovery of hosted services (5 Servers)

  • Web Site Hosting: We support Drupal, Windows IIS, Systems (Two Servers)

  • WIDA - ESL Assessment Server (One Server)

Besides the servers the data center houses a firewall, web filter, wireless controller, and network switches.