Education Technology

Education Technology Endorsement Program:
CUES, in partnership with the Utah Education Network and Southern Utah University, is providing an endorsement in Educational Technology.  
Registration is now open for Summer 2017 Courses.  See below for courses being taught by CUES, and clicking the course title will take you to the registration page.  Or, go to for a listing of all available UEN courses being offered.  
Are you interested in the Educational Technology Endorsement Program? Submit this form.  More specific information will be sent to you after signing up.  The endorsement signup is ongoing, and can be done anytime. 
The Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP) consists of 18 credit hours: 9 one-credit courses through UEN and 3 three-credit courses from SUU. This endorsement can be completed entirely though online courses, but in person and Flex (a combination of online and in person) courses are also available.  Most participants take about 2 years to complete all requirements, though it can be done in a single year.  However, the endorsement must be completed within three years from when it is started.  Courses may be taken with the CUES trainer or any other UEN trainer.  However, courses offered through CUES will only be available to Regional employees, and will require an access code to register for them, thus eliminating the problem of courses being full.  The CUES courses will be scheduled so as to offer two or three classes from each ISTE Standard over a years span, thus giving participants the ability to complete the endorsement requirements in that time.   The highlighted courses below will be offered by CUES this summer.  Click here to see an outline of the curses being offered by CUES through the summer of 2018.
The ETEP program is focused around the ISTE Standards for Teachers.  Participants will take various courses from Standards 1 - 4.  Standard 5 is achieved through participation in the ETEP program and attendance at an EdTech conference. Each credit earned in the program translates to a 5000 level graduate credit from SUU, and can also be used for relincensure hours or salary lane changes.  Coursework can be applied towards a Master degree program from Southern Utah University as well.  Continue below for an overview of possible course offerings and requirements.
Course information: The UEN online courses are 6 weeks long and generally don't have a set "class time" to meet, but consists of weekly readings, videos, assignments, projects, and/or discussion posts to complete. On the other hand, the SUU courses are 12 weeks in length, and besides weekly assignments, does have a weekly hour- long web conferencing component.  An in person course is two days (15 hours) long, whereas a Flex course is 1 day in person, then 4 weeks online to complete any projects or assignments.  Each UEN course counts as 1 credit hour while the SUU courses are 3 credit hours.  Are there specific courses you'd like to take?  Request which UEN courses CUES offers by completing this form
Course registration: Registration for courses can take place anytime, barring the course isn't full, up to the start day of the course.  Courses are on a trimester-type setting, with new courses available for registration beginning August 1 for Fall courses, December 1 for Spring courses, and April 1st for Summer courses.  You'll be able to register for the courses taught by CUES via the link which will be sent to you, or search here for additional courses taught by UEN.  Participants will need a UEN Canvas account (this is different than your district's account) in order to register.  If you do not have one, this can be done by clicking the above link, then "create account" in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
Cost per credit: $21.00 (payable to SUU AFTER the completion of each course.) 

Utah Education Network Courses (9 Credits)

  • UEN Essentials (3 Credits)

    • A UEN Tools and Resources Course (1 Credit)
      • College and Career Readiness with UtahFutures (online)
      • Six Technology Projects (online)
      • Technology to Improve Student Research (online)
      • Use Technology to Teach (In person, June 8-9 in North Sanpete)
      • Web Publishing with my.uen
      • Web-enhanced Classrooms (online)
    • A Utah's Online Library Course (1 Credit)
      • Utah's Online Library: Preschool & Elementary (online)
      • Utah's Online Library: Research & Resources
      • Utah's Online Library: Secondary Grades (online)
    • An Online Teaching & Learning Course (1 Credit)
      • Canvas for Online Learning
      • Canvas LMS: Deliver Instruction (online)
      • Flip Your Class with Canvas
      • Teaching Online (online)
  • ISTE Standard 1 (1 Credit)
    • Class Projects w/Photoshop Elements
    • Digital Photography in the Classroom
    • The Innovative Educator: Makerspaces
    • Making iPad Games and Interactives with your class
    • Multimedia Projects with iPads
    • Multimedia Projects with iPads (online)
  • ISTE Standard 2 (1 Credit)
    • Community Mapping (CMaP) Workshop (In person, June 26-29 in Richfield)
    • Create Online Educational Media
    • Intel: Assessment in the 21st Century (online)
    • Intel: Project-based Approaches (online)
    • Intel: Thinking Critically with Data (online)
    • Mapping your World w/GPS
    • Online Tools for Flexible Formative Assessments (online)
    • Project-based Learning: Transform your Class (online)
  • ISTE Standard 3 (1 Credit)
    • Cloud Classrooms with Chromebooks
    • Effective Teaching with Visual Media
    • Engaging Online Learning with Canvas (online)
    • Google for Educators (In person, June 14-15 in Richfield)
    • Google Tools (online)
    • Intel: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom (online)
    • Intel: Designing Blended Learning (online)
    • Intel: Mobile Learning (online)
    • Teaching and Learning with iPads
    • Teaching and Learning with iPads (online)
    • Teaching Online (online)
  • ISTE Standard 4 (1 Credit)
    • Internet Safety for Educators (online)
    • Teaching Digital Citizenship (online)
    • The Connected Educator: Develop your PLN
    • The Connected Educator: Develop your PLN (online)
  • ISTE Standard 5 Attend an EdTech Conference. These can include URSASUECONUCETEdCampUEN Tech SummitUELMAISTEGoogle Summits, District Technology Conferences, Etc.
  • Elective Courses (2 Credits) - Choose from any of the above courses.
Southern Utah University (9 Credits) - ONLINE
  • IELE 5000: Foundations of Instructional Design for Educators (3 credits) - Fall
  • IELE 5010: Classroom Integration of Educational Technology (3 credits) - Spring
  • IELE 5020: Leadership in Educational Technology and Instructional Design (3 credits) - Summer


Southern Utah University - Master of Education

Continue your education after completing the Educational Technology Endorsement Program.  The SUU College of Education offers a Master of Education Degree, which requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework.  Coursework consists of 24 credit hours of required core courses, 12 credit hours of elective courses and completion of the ETEP.  The above SUU courses count as elective courses towards this Masters Degree. In addition to the three courses taken for the ETEP endorsement, participants must also take IELE 5050, Online and Blended Teaching and Learning, in order to fulfill the 12 credit hours of the elective course requirement. 


For more information on the ETEP please contact Brandon at 435-633-6627 or 

USBE Educational Technology Endorsement Application (pdf to be submitted after completion of all coursework)

Upon completion of your endorsement, please complete this Post Participant Survey.